Data message standards

NPP payment messages can support more data, including up t0 280 characters of structured or unstructured data. The ISO 20022 message schema captures and transmits this data in a way that can customised for different payment types. These messaging capabilities present significant opportunities for enhanced business efficiency. Download information and other technical documents for NPP message usage, Authorised Payment Initiation via APIs and transaction reports here.

More business automation
Improved reconciliation
Enriched reporting
Prevention of financial crime

International payments

With the NPP International Payments service participating financial institutions can process the final domestic leg of an inbound international payment via the NPP. This service allows data, such as the sender’s full legal account name and other identifiers, to be carried from the country of origination through to the receiving bank in Australia. This means participating financial institutions can meet AML/CTF compliance requirements enabling safer and faster inbound international payments.

Read more in the NPP Roadmap here


APIs play an important role in enabling third parties to use the NPP’s capabilities. The NPP API Framework defines the key technical approach and mandatory data attributes for NPP APIs, aligned to ISO 20022 standards.

The NPP API Sandbox is an independent environment to build and test NPP-based solutions using sample APIs based on the NPP API Framework.

Please note, NPP Australia does not offer APIs, but many NPP Participants do. Please contact your financial institution to find out more. You can read how organisations have used APIs to develop real-time payments and organisational efficiency solutions here.

Encourages innovation
Enhances customer experience
Improves connectivity & collaboration
Greater agility

QR Codes

QR Codes can be used to create seamless customer experiences. The NPP QR Code Standard is based on the EMV Merchant-Presented QR Code Specification for Payment Systems and defines the mandatory elements required to help facilitate a consistent NPP payment experience using QR Codes. This document also illustrates how QR codes can be used for various scenarios such as e-commerce, invoices, terminals and P2P scenarios.

Moving corporate payments to the NPP

The NPP offers more than just speed for corporate payments that are currently processed as Direct Entry (DE) or bulk payments. Migrating payments to the NPP’s fast payment infrastructure supports more efficient working capital management, real-time data, a better customer experience and reduced manual handling and exceptions. Find out more here: Corporate payments on the NPP.

Corporate clients can access the benefits of the NPP with minimal impact on systems and processes. Interested organisations should consult with their NPP participating bank to find out more and seek support with their change management process.

NPP in action

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