Protecting NPP

NPP payments are made by the customer authorising the payment in their financial institution’s internet or mobile banking. This means an NPP payment is subject to the same fraud and security protections used for all internet and mobile banking transactions including authentication processes such as biometrics.

PayID safeguards

PayID® has safeguards, such as identity verification when creating a PayID, and a payee confirmation step so users know they are paying the right person. PayID information is centrally secured and participating institutions must have controls in place to monitor activity and shut down misuse of the PayID service.
More details are in section 8 of the NPP Regulations

Scam awareness

NPP participating financial institutions educate their customers to remain alert to scams that attempt to trick or deceive. This includes reminding customers to never give away log-ins or passwords, and to question unexpected emails or phone calls from people asking for money or their banking credentials. Watch our video below.

Payments abuse

Using the NPP to send offensive or abusive messages with a payment is a serious misuse of the platform and in some cases considered illegal. NPP participating institutions can use automated alerts to act on these messages, enhancing their existing internal processes to protect their customers. Read more here

Always be aware of scams.
Watch our video for tips.