NPP Australia is committed to extending and enhancing the capability of the NPP to meet the future needs of users of the wider payments ecosystem as well as participating financial institutions, whether it be for retail P2P payments or more complex B2B payments.

We’re focused on building broad native capability beyond simple credit transfers, which is both flexible and extendable to support a broad range of use cases.

The NPP Roadmap provides an update on these capability plans. We update this document every six months to include the most recent information regarding the NPP’s growing reach, as well as provide examples of the platform’s capabilities coming to life through the work of a range of organisations.

The most up to date NPP Roadmap can be downloaded here.

All versions of the NPP Roadmap can be found below:

NPP Roadmap 004 – April 2021

NPP Roadmap 003 – October 2020

NPP Roadmap 002 – April 2020

NPP Roadmap oo1 – October 2019