APIs play an important role in helping innovators and third parties to use the NPP’s capabilities. From supporting the ability to initiate payments through to assisting ecommerce transactions and other payment experiences, the applications of APIs are endless.

Designed to support inter-operability and standardisation, the NPP API Framework defines the key technical approach and mandatory data attributes for NPP APIs, aligned to ISO 20022 standards.

While NPP Australia does not mandate the use of this framework, we encourage NPP Participants, third party service providers and software developers to refer to this framework, or build further upon it, when developing API solutions for NPP transactions. This API Framework will be extended over time and will be maintained by NPP Australia.

NPP Australia does not offer APIs, however some NPP Participants are currently offering this service. Please contact your financial institution to understand if they are offering API services.

View your copy of the most recent version of the NPP API Framework

Download the sample APIs

API Sandbox

The NPP API Sandbox aims to foster innovation and competition for NPP enabled services by providing external parties access to an independent environment, where they can build and test NPP-based solutions using sample APIs based on the NPP API Framework.

Access the NPP API Sandbox here.