NPP API Framework v2.0

A new version of the NPP API Framework, initially launched in September 2018, is now available.

NPP Australia’s General Manager of Technology and Operations, Bob Masina, said the updated Framework now includes sample APIs developed in consultation with NPP participating institutions to enable a consistent approach to cancelling and returning payments.

“These updated sample APIs are about enabling participating organisations to provide their customers with predictable experiences when it comes to cancelling and returning their payments. They are also about providing the ecosystem what it needs to consider future capabilities of the Platform,” he said.

When it first launched in September 2018, CEO of NPP Australia, Adrian Lovney, said the NPP API Framework would constantly evolve to ensure third party service providers, software developers and participating financial institutions could support consistent NPP payment experiences, regardless of the type of innovation being developed.

“What makes the NPP stand apart from other real-time payments platforms around the world is that it has been designed to be inclusive and ‘open access’. It’s important that companies and innovators can use its world leading capabilities in a way that promotes usability and growth across the entire NPP ecosystem,” Adrian said.

The API Framework and sample APIs will continue to evolve. Visit this page for the latest versions.