An updated response to the RBA’s Conclusion Paper regarding NPP Functionality and Access is now available.

In July 2019, NPP Australia published an initial written response to the recommendations outlined in the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) Conclusions Paper regarding its NPP Functionality and Access Consultation 

Since then, NPP Australia has continued to work on and make progress in a number of initiatives relevant to these recommendations. This includes:  

  • the publication of the NPP Roadmap 
  • publishing the process for assessing potential Overlay Service Providers 
  • changing the requirement for Settlement Participants (that connect indirectly to the NPP) so they no longer have to be an Authorised Deposit-taking Institution and halving their overall subscription requirement  
  • Constitutional amendments that enable a reduction of the upfront subscription costs for new NPP Participants and the ability for shares to be paid in instalments. 

As a result of this progress, we have updated and made available here our Response to the Reserve Bank of Australia’s NPP Functionality and Access Consultation: Conclusions Paper  

These measures, together with NPPA’s Mandatory Compliance Framework described in detail in our initial response, support our continued commitment to delivering fair, equitable and open NPP access and delivering functionality that meets the needs of participating financial institutions, payment providers and users within the wider payments ecosystem.