Awareness of PayID amongst consumers and small businesses is set to boost with a brand new campaign launching this week.

The new campaign, ‘The Day You PayID’d Me’ brings to life the delight and reassurance that using a PayID gives customers and small businesses when transferring money.  The message is anchored on being able to see that your money is going to the right person or business with PayID’s confirmation step. When making a payment to a PayID the name of the recipient is shown to the payer to confirm before finalising the payment. This confirmation step makes PayID a safer way to make payments instead of using a BSB and account number.

With scam awareness fresh on everyone’s mind, we are all encouraged to take every step we can to protect ourselves from scams. Small businesses in particular are at risk with $227 million lost to payment redirection scams in 2021* (where scammers intercept invoices and change BSB and account numbers to their own).

‘The Day You PayID’d Me’ will launch first in social channels and YouTube, with catch up TV, out of home, radio, cinema and PR following. Participating financial institutions and payments service providers are encouraged to support the campaign through their own channels with supplied assets and toolkits.

There are close to 13 million registered PayIDs, a 43 per cent increase since the same time last year with 315,000 new PayID registrations on average being added every month. Usage of PayID is growing with research conducted by NPP Australia revealing that 47% of users use PayID at least weekly.

PayID is operated by NPP Australia, the organisation behind Australia’s real-time payments infrastructure. NPP Australia is owned by Australian Payments Plus (alongside other domestic payments businesses BPAY Group and eftpos Australia).

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*ACCC Targeting Scams Report, July 2022