Response to the RBA’s NPP Functionality and Access Consultation: Conclusions Paper

In June 2019, the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) published its Conclusions Paper regarding its NPP Functionality and Access Consultation. As part of this process, the Bank requested NPP Australia to provide a public written response to the recommendations in its report by the end of July 2019.

Download NPP Australia’s response to the Reserve Bank of Australia’s NPP Functionality and Access Consultation: Conclusions Paper here.

NPP Australia welcomes the recommendations contained in the RBA’s Conclusions Paper following its review of NPP functionality and access and remains committed to operating the NPP in a way that promotes the public interest.

Updated 31 October 2019

Supplementary Response (recommendations #5 through to #8 and #10) 

Supplementary Response is also now available, outlining in more detail the measures that address the recommendations in the Conclusions Paper regarding NPP participation eligibility, NPPA shareholding and governance. 

Download the Supplementary Response here.