The next generation of real-time payments: An international scan

Real-Time Payments 2.0 is a whitepaper that explores key trends and opportunities in global real-time payments. The paper is an overview of developments in other real-time payments markets, including focus areas for future growth and plans for future capabilities, illustrated by case studies from a broad range of jurisdictions.

The evolving nature of access is looked at, which is driven by a need to enable innovation and competition in the retail banking sector. Developments in payment initiation is another key area of focus of the paper, with “Request for Payment” acknowledged as being a key priority in many countries.

The paper also delves into QR Codes and their significant uptake in Asia, as well as other real-time payment opportunities in retail and ecommerce, social media, government and corporate payments.

Challenges are also broached, including security and system attacks, how to enable robust customer authentication in a way that preserves the customer experience, and the interoperability of cross border payments.

The paper is a must-read for anyone working in the field of real-time payments.

Download Real-Time Payments 2.0 here: NPPA Real Time Payments whitepaper July 2019