One of the ways that an organisation may choose to interact with the platform is by becoming an Overlay Service Provider.

The NPP was designed to enable organisations to use the Platform’s capabilities in a number of ways, depending on their business needs and objectives. NPP Australia is committed to investing in, extending and enhancing the capability of the NPP to meet the ongoing needs of participating financial institutions, payment providers and users of the wider payments ecosystem.

One way that an organisation may choose to interact with the Platform is to become an Overlay Service Provider and develop an overlay service on the platform. An overlay service is a product or service that uses the NPP infrastructure’s capabilities, potentially in a customised way, to define a bespoke payment service or process.  The first overlay service launched from the Platform was Osko by BPAY.

However, it’s important to note that many organisations may not require a specific overlay service to be established to meet their business needs, and can instead use the existing service and capabilities of the Platform.

We have established rules and processes for assessing potential Overlay Service Providers and for onboarding and management of overlay services on the platform. In the Reserve Bank of Australia’s NPP Functionality and Access Consultation: Conclusions Paper issued on 13 June 2019, the Bank recommended that NPPA should publish its process for assessing potential Overlay Service Provider applications, which can be downloaded here.