Real-time validation and processing for online payments

Azupay’ is on track to be amongst the first consumer-to-business payment services to use the New Payments Platform’s PayID capabilities, when it switches on in some Australian businesses and government departments later this year 

When it goes live later this year, it will use the NPP’s speed and addressing service (PayID) to deliver real-time validation and processing for online customer payments 

Azupay builds on PayID’s ‘simpler payments’ proposition by enabling businesses to create one-off PayIDs to make it easier for their customers to pay them in real-time.  

These PayIDs are generated by QR codes that contain all the information required for the payment, which is automatically included into the PayID 

Customers pay these one-off PayIDs via their usual internet and mobile banking, using their ‘own money’ from their account in real-time, within the security of their online or mobile banking. 

Because the PayID includes the description for the payment and the amount, all the payer has to do is input the amount as part of the confirmation step, and then complete the payment. If the amount entered by the customer does not match the amount in the PayID, the payment will not go through, meaning merchants don’t carry the risk of over or underpayments and the reconciliation and chargebacks that come with them. 

As well as making it easier for the customer, the information provided in the PayID also assists the payee organisation to reconcile more efficiently. And once the payment is complete, the one-off PayID is automatically deregistered, or ‘disposed’ of. 

Azupay CEO Jean-Marc Barthe says he believes Azupay will provide a competitive alternative for online payments.

“The information generated in a one-off Azupay PayID gives merchants more control, prevents customer mistakes and eliminates the risk and hassle of chargebacks.

“I also think consumers will like the way Azupay does not require them to provide any personal details or share sensitive information like a credit card number,” he said.

Initially Azupay will be available for online purchases and bill payments, but it has the capability to roll out over multiple channels, including over-the-counter payments. 

Azupay is among the early group of fintechs to connect to the NPP via a payment aggregator – in this case via payments solutions provider Cuscal. 

The first organisation to use Azupay is currently in pilot mode in the lead-up to making this payment option available to customers in coming months. For commercial reasons we are unable to share with you who this is just now, but more information will be made available when the launch occurs. 

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